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$20 billion a year market for blockchain technical services by 2024.
Why interoperability matters and how can multi-chain-as-a-service help?

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Podcast // Season 01

Building Better Worlds is a weekly series of guest interviews hosted by international anchors.

Better Worlds Podcast
S01E12 // 13 Jun 2022

Staking offers predictable returns. Is this the future of investing? Has ESG has become an investment mandate?

S01E11 // 06 Jun 2022

Metaverse real estate worth $500+ million in 2021. Which experiences and projects will deliver real value?

Genetic Sovereignty with Web3
S01E10 // 30 May 2022

Genetic testing is $12+ billion industry. Will individuals benefit from their own genetic code?

DeFi & ReFi Market Makers
S01E09 // 30 May 2022

Markets ecological function worth > $50 billion by 2030. How will DeFi & ReFi expand market access?

MetaverseNative VRNative
S01E08 // 23 May 2022

How will the next generation of Metaverse Native and VR Native architects design the world?

S01E07 // 16 May 2022

Billions of credits traded on carbon markets have failed for 20+ years. What changes will make them work?

HandPrint.tech Regeneration and Brand Strategy
S01E06 // 9 May 2022

500k+ brands worldwide. How to close the customer impact loop with co-regeneration and brand strategy?

Endless NFTs
S01E05 // 2 May 2022

$17+ Billion in sales last year. How will endless NFTs affect culture, the environment, and humanity?

S01E04 Owned by Nature
S01E04 // 25 Apr 2022

200M+ corporations worldwide have power. Can nature protect itself from humans and corporations through legal personhood?

S01E03 - Our Meta Futures with Susan Brazer
S01E03 // 18 Apr 2022

400 Global Telecom Carriers Streaming Web3 engagement. How will creators share nextgen immersive experiences?

S01E02 - $100+ trillion needed to stabilize the climate. Who will pay for it? Dr Delton Chen
S01E02 // 11 Apr 2022

$100+ Trillion to Stabilize the Climate. Who will pay for it?

S01E01 - DAO Power for Ukraine 2022. Yev Muchnik
S01E01 // 04 Apr 2022

6.5 Million people displaced in Ukraine. Can Web3 tech and DAOs mitigate catastrophic loss and impact?

Aaron Ting; Aldyen Donnelly, Co-Founder and Director, Carbon Economics, Nori; Alex Shkor; Alyson Rus; Andreea Ion Cojocaru, Co-Founder & CEO, NUMENA; Delton Chen, Project Director & Founder, Global Carbon Reward Initiative; Francis Berwa, Managing Partner, Head of Operations, Aves Lair; John Devine; Masha Prusso; Pandu Sastrowardoyo; Reggie Luedtke, Edmund Hillary Fellow, Earth Equity; Ryan Merril, Founder, Handprint; Susan Brazer, CEO, LionShare Media; Yevgenya Muchnik, Founding Partner, Launch Legal, LLC

Ayla Kremb, COO, Diffuse; Elena Obukhova, CEO & Founder, Flashback.one; Julian Guderley, Creator, GreenPlanet BluePlanet; Paul Michael Muts, Speaker, educator, strategist; Vivi Lin, Partner, Octopus;


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We believe that the digital transformation is revolutionizing the very nature of the way we live. Our mission is to explore how the innovations of Web3 can help sustain the natural world and build greater efficiencies to grow our shared prosperity and human consciousness. We believe in creating a collaborative, inclusive, and sustainable community to explore the potential of innovation to contribute to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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