Special Earth Day Broadcast featuring Mangroves & ReFi

FRIDAY 22 April 2022 @ 5:00 PM UTC

10:00 AM, Los Angeles
1:00 PM, New York 
6:00 PM, London
1:00 AM, Hong Kong


What is the potential role for Regenerative Finance (ReFi) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to drive nature projects and communities?
Kaitlin Archambault, Founder and CEO of Open Future Coalition;
Vinay Gupta, CEO of Mattereum;
Craig Wilson, CEO of Climate Collective;

Can DAO's become a key tool for financing environmental projects?
Joachim Stroh, architect of the Decentralized Human Organization (DHO) for Hypha;
Martin Quach, Chief Commercial and Marketing Director, Vlinder Climate;

How can blockchain and Web3 innovations be utilized to protect & restore Mangroves?
Joao Fernandes, Blue Tiki ($BTIKI) Blockchain Technology;
Viktor Löfgren, Digital Systems Manager, Starboard SUP;
Duncan Brown, Blockchain Engineer, Veritree Global Restoration Projects;

What role can Blockchain and DeFi/ReFi play in global carbon sequestration?
Aldyen Donnelly, Co-Founder and Director of Carbon Economics, Nori LLC;
Christian Shearer, Chief Investment Officer, Regen Network;
Dr. Delton Chen, Project Director & Founder, Global Carbon Reward;

Spotlight Interviews
Ane Eline Sorensen, Founder, The Great Caribbean Barrier, Moon Jelly DAO;
Dominic Wodehouse, Executive Director, Mangrove Action Project, IUCN;
Sebastian Gartner, VP of Programs, Greenstand;
Neal Spackman, Regenerative Resources Co;
Dr. Sergey Ivliev, CEO, Vlinder Climate;
Steven Galster, Freeland and EndPandemics.Earth;

Guest Appearances
Will Ruddick, Grassroots Economics Foundation;
Jo Sawicki, Managing Partner at Planet Positive Ventures;
Darek Trowbridge, CEO, Soil Carbon Management Co.;
Marc Brasch, Founder of Green World Campaign, Kenya;
Jonas Goldstein, Creative Director, BrightMoments.io;

Special Video Segments
Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park & World View International;
"Blue Carbon, An Ocean of Climate Solutions" from Nature4Climate.org;
Sustainable Human;

Musical Guest
Gian Berselli, Astral Wolf Records

and more...



Earth Day Announcement

# What
Mangrove-ReFi Collaboration Challenge via Imagination Platform MURAL.

​In this facilitated event, you'll learn about the significant challenges faced by mangrove initiatives from a cross section of people with first hand experience. Then in small groups, apply innovations using both new and existing solutions to address these challenges. Participants may represent DAO’s, for profit enterprises, and individuals.

​​After the event, teams with the most loved and promising ideas will have the opportunity to work with first-class designers to upgrade the fidelity of their concepts, then share them in conversations with notable investors, influencers, and domain experts. ​

# Who
​Arne Fjørtoft, Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park; Dominic Wodehouse, IUCN; ​Eline Sorensen, Great Caribbean Barrier; ​Sebastian Gärtner, Greenstand.org; ​Sergey Ivliev, VlinderClimate; ​Mbaarak Abdalla, Ecosystem Restoration Camps; ​Neal Spackman, Regenerative Resources Co

About the Collaboration Challenge

The 2022 Mangrove-ReFi Collaboration Challenge is part of Better World’s global conference series and weekly podcasts exploring the use of Web3, DeFi, ReFi, Metaverse and associated technologies to accelerate achievement of global ESG objectives. The Earth Day Collaboration Challenge Series is being co-sponsored by the Global Mangrove Trust, the Global Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Association (Global DCA), Nature4Climate, SEEDS and organized by the Nature.Tech Nexus, Blue Dolphin NFT, Climate Designers, and Diffuse.

Podcast // Season 01

A weekly series with guest interviews hosted by four international anchors.

S01E03 // 18 Apr 2022

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S01E02 // 11 Apr 2022

$100+ Trillion to Stabilize the Climate. Who will pay for it?

S01E01 // 04 Apr 2022

6.5 Million people displaced in Ukraine. Can Web3 tech and DAOs mitigate catastrophic loss and impact?

Podcast // Season 01

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Aaron Ting; Aldyen Donnelly, Co-Founder and Director, Carbon Economics, Nori; Alex Shkor; Alyson Rus; Andreea Ion Cojocaru, Co-Founder & CEO, NUMENA; Delton Chen, Project Director & Founder, Global Carbon Reward Initiative; Francis Berwa, Managing Partner, Head of Operations, Aves Lair; John Devine; Masha Prusso; Pandu Sastrowardoyo; Reggie Luedtke, Edmund Hillary Fellow, Earth Equity; Ryan Merril, Founder, Handprint; Susan Brazer, CEO, LionShare Media; Yevgenya Muchnik, Founding Partner, Launch Legal, LLC

Ayla Kremb, COO, Diffuse; Elena Obukhova, CEO & Founder, Flashback.one; Julian Guderley, Creator, GreenPlanet BluePlanet; Paul Michael Muts, Speaker, educator, strategist; Vivi Lin, Partner, Octopus;


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